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We offer a full range of services related to development in the Java programming language. Thanks to our cooperation, you will be able to close all the current tasks and needs related to the software of your company.

Our development team will help you refine and simplify your software based on your current processes and goals.

Java Consulting

We provide exhaustive Java consulting, during which we work with your employees and help you choose the best technology solution for your business. Turning to us for advice, you can count on the selection of the most effective solution in order to achieve your goals. After that, you can order concept creation, Java development, software implementation and support from us.

We provide a Java consulting service to help clients identify their real problems and set realistic, achievable goals to address these shortcomings as well as simplifying and optimizing work.

Our consultation includes selection of Java software, including architecture, development and final implementation of the project.

Website Development and Design

The company’s development team consists of exclusively certified specialists with many years of practical experience in Java development of varying complexity.

It’s within our purview to create dynamic, interactive and scalable applications that are flexible enough to meet the company’s evolving needs in the future.

Powerful UX and a modern user interface are those of the core needs of a company that boosts sales and improves user engagement.

In the course of selecting a suitable software solution and developing a design, we make sure to take these needs into account.

We create the perfect solution right away, and then transform it into an impressive design with powerful functionality.

Outsourced human resources
and IT services
Custom Java Application
Custom Java Application
Outsourced human resources
and IT services
Custom Java Application
Custom Java Application
IT Outsourcing Services and Application Development

Each company is special and needs its own individual software solutions. For this reason, our work is aimed at creating unique business applications that will fully meet the format of work, the goals and needs of a particular company.

We create everything from the simplest mobile and web applications to sophisticated control systems – all these works are carried out at a professional level by the best specialists, and guarantee quality and efficiency.

Primarily, our team focuses on the current and future needs of the client’s business, which ensures the stability and reliability of the product, as well as meeting the goals of a particular company.

When developing programs, we involve the best specialists in a specific area of Java development and we approach each project individually.

Cloud-based Platforms

The containerized Java applications we create can be shared or run exclusively on a private cloud platform, the choice of which is always yours. For proper implementation, our company provides you with advice and the necessary specialists, which will significantly speed up the launch and update of your cloud projects.

The range of our services includes design, development, analysis and management of cloud platforms.

In addition to complex work, our company develops and maintains individual applications for cloud platforms.

Java API development

The Java Client API is an open source application programming interface that we use to build Java applications

We are engaged in the end-to-end development of Java APIs to greatly improve and simplify the management of our daily business operations for our customers.

Mobile & Web Applicatons

Thanks to the modernity and versatility of Java applications, they are becoming more popular with every year – both mobile and web applications. Java programming languages are secure, flexible, and highly reliable, making them ideal for building innovative applications.

Our team develops and implements Java software for a variety of business sectors, including vendors, healthcare, retail, finance, and more.

We are a true in-demand Java expert and use cross-platform frameworks including Hibernate, Spring Cloud and Spring Boot.

Migrations and Integrations

We offer you the services of the best developers and architects for provision of both migration and integration services. This will allow you to switch to much more modern and convenient systems, abandoning outdated ones. Our employees will make sure that absolutely all upgrades are completed and your company is running in the best system possible.

Migrations and integrations are complex and best left to professionals who have hands-on experience in Java development.

It is we who are such specialists, for many years providing the simplest and fastest transition to new software, as well as proper integration.

Corporate applications

Enterprise Java applications are something that can transform your business beyond recognition, making it much easier to perform various operations, making it more modern and opening up new opportunities for development. This includes innovative technologies such as real-time distributed processing, BPM, and BRM. Using such, you can get a very good advantage among your competitors.

We offer modern integrated solutions for creating enterprise applications, including processes from design to software maintenance.

Which can optimize, upgrade and satisfy all your business software needs.

Java E-commerce CMS

Every client’s requirements and needs are unique – and we understand that. Therefore, we are looking for a separate approach to developing each interactive online store. When creating a product, we aim to ensure that one is able to retain customers, and its interface and convenience lead to a purchase. Java CMS is a platform that can provide all the necessary competitive advantages, including adaptability, intuitive interface, scalability, and hacking protection.

Our agency provides all the necessary solutions and services to develop an E-commerce app with:

  • Spring Framework 4.x
  • Core Java 1.8
  • Spring Boot 1.4 with Restful
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